In recent years, green lifestyle has been becoming a favorite trend around the world. This trend, pursuing the use of products that do not harm humans’ health and natural ecosystem, stems from the desire to conserve resources and life on Earth – our only home.

Go green - a drastic change in the industry

According to a United Nations report, there have been more than 9.1 billion tons of plastic waste accumulated in this world up to now. This amount of waste accounts for 400 to 1000 years to decompose, leading to soil erosion and ecosystem destruction.

With that number, it seems that people who have to bear the consequences of plastic are the descendants of many generations to come. However, it is our families who are the ones in danger when microplastic particles are likely to get mixed up in the air and water, making residents suffer from respiratory diseases, neurological issues, diarrhea, etc. For instance, each person inhales approximately 100.000 microplastic particles daily!

Being aware of this aching problem, each individual has changed significantly in consumption habits. According to The Economist magazine, in the past five years alone, the number of people using green products has increased by 71%.

The survey results of Nielsen Vietnam show that Vietnamese consumers are increasingly interested in green consumption. Furthermore, they are willing to pay more for brands with a commitment to “green” and “clean”. Specifically, up to 80% of consumers are concerned about the long-term harms of artificial ingredients and 79% are willing to pay extra when it comes to products that do not contain unwanted ingredients.

The change in consumption habits has pushed the manufacturing industry to transform, towards green production. Green products are prioritized to be selected and considered the standard for high quality services. Consequently, grasping the trend of green consumption is the key for businesses to conquer consumers.


SCG Chemicals: The green innovations pioneer

SCG Chemicals or SCGC is one of Thailand's largest petrochemical conglomerates and a key industrial producer in Asia. As a leader in the petrochemical business, the company has been seizing long-term development opportunities through green products and improving the quality of life, reducing the use of natural resources but maintaining the quality of products. To satisfy this demand, along with saving energy, SCGC is producing environmentally friendly bioplastics.


From 2020, SCG advanced its eco-label another step from “SCG Eco Value” to “SCG Green Choice”. The word “Green” signifies the creation of a green world where the environment is preserved, while “Choice” refers to the consumer’s power to make decisions for the planet and for themselves. Having over 40 years of existence in the market, SCG not only want to meet business needs, but also want to direct society to use products that are useful for environmental sustainability.

Representative of SCG Chemicals, Mr. Yingyai Chaiwut - Sales Manager SCG ICO Polymer - said: “Currently, the type of plastic that SCG ICO Polymer produces is 100% virgin plastic, environmentally friendly and recyclable”.


Tran Da plastic wheelbarrow - a qualified green product

As a long-term partner of SCG ICO Polymer (a subsidiary of SCG Chemicals), Mr. Tran Thanh Phong (Executive Director of Tran Da Manufacturing and Trading Co., Ltd.) shared the reason for applying the solution of bringing in primary plastic materials of SCG ICO Polymer in improving the traditional wheelbarrow: “Because it is 100% virgin plastic, the durability, load-carrying capacity and impact resistance of Tran Da’s plastic tanks are amazingly outstanding. The plus point of this plastic is that it contains UV20 anti agent, so the plastic containers can be used outdoors for more than 20 years without being brittle or discolored. After a period of usage, the Tran Da’s plastic tanks can also be recycled in order not to negatively affect the environment”.


It is known that shoppers often choose plastic wheelbarrows over iron ones because of their durability which is not being damaged by rust, usable in harsh working conditions and environments such as the sea or transporting manure. As for fertilizers and chemicals, these wheelbarrows can carry corrosive substances such as salt, acid... Tran Da company is the first and only company to manufacture wheelbarrows by rotating mold technology. This is a special technology that produces very durable and safe products for health. The plastic powder produced for the production of wheelbarrows is certified by the FDA of the United States for food contact. For instance, the surface of the wheelbarrow is free of additives, protective paint or grease, etc, so it is safe to transport food.

At present, the sales of plastic wheelbarrows make up 85% of the company’s sales of products. Due to the resilient trust of consumers in products with clear origin and quality, the continuous upgrading of products is superior, namely the use of materials that are both good and durable. Environmental friendliness and human health are the important strategy of Tran Da company.